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Tecno Pop 6

Tecno Pop 6
Tecno Pop 6 price in Nigeria

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The Tecno Pop 6 is in the middle of the ‘Pop’ lineup spectrum, being one leg better than the Pop 6 Go and slightly worse than the Pop 6 Pro. Accordingly, the device is also costlier than the former while being slightly cheaper than the latter.


To understand how much better the Tecno Pop 6 is, it’s essential to analyze its specifications to see what’s inside the device. However, that’s not the primary focus of this article, as we’re mainly trying to show you the Tecno Pop 6 price in Nigeria.

After looking at prices from the most popular e-commerce stores in Nigeria, we’ll list the device’s specs to help you decide if it’s a solid buy. Without more ado, here’s a breakdown of the Tecno Pop 6 price in Nigeria.

Price₦53,586 – ₦65,000
Display6.1-inch IPS LCD, 720 x 1560 pixels
ProcessorUnisoc SC9863A
Expandable storagemicroSDXC up to 256GB
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP
Operating systemAndroid 11 Go Edition
Dimensions73.8 x 157.8 x 9.7mm

What’s the Tecno Pop 6 Price in Nigeria

Being one of the newer phones from Tecno, the Pop 6 is available on all major e-commerce platforms, including Jumia, Konga, and Jiji. Here’s a breakdown of how much the device costs on each of those platforms.

Tecno Pop 6 Price on Jumia

Jumia is one of the most popular destinations for buying Tecno phones, and in the case of the Pop 6, it’s the cheapest on this e-commerce platform. Here’s the Tecno Pop 6 price in Nigeria on Jumia.

Tecno Pop 6 32GB₦53,586 – ₦65,000

Tecno Pop 6 Price on Konga

Weirdly, the Tecno Pop 6 is around N10,000 more expensive on Konga than on competing e-commerce stores. Here’s how much the phone costs on Konga.

Tecno Pop 6 32GB₦65,000

Tecno Pop 6 Price on Jiji

Tecno Pop 6 32GB₦57,000

Tecno Pop 6 Specifications

Here’s a list of crucial specs and information about the device to help you make an informed purchase decision.



The Tecno Pop 6’s display is a massive upgrade from the low-resolution screen of the Tecno Pop 6 Go while being only slightly larger, at 6.1 inches. The 6.1 inches IPS LCD has a resolution of 720 x 1560 pixels, resulting in 282 pixels per inch, a significantly better density than the Pop 6 Go’s 179.

While the Tecno Pop 6 doesn’t have a significantly larger screen than the Pop 6 Go physically, the former can fit a lot more onto its display than the former, making it the better device in the display category.


Interestingly, the processor on the Tecno Pop 6 lineup remains a mystery, as Tecno lists it as a quad-core processor on its website. However, we don’t expect it to be anywhere near remarkable; if anything, it should be slow, as it powers Android Go, a lightweight Android version that runs lighter apps.


Nobody ever complains about the battery on Tecno phones, as they’ve always been excellent. Including a 5000 mAh battery with this smartphone is an overkill; the 4000 mAh on the Pop 6 Go already works wonders. If there’s one thing you won’t be needing after your Tecno Pop 6 purchase, it would be your power bank.


The Tecno Pop 6 has a dual rear camera setup, including a 5 MP primary sensor and a supporting QVGA camera. It has a dual LED flash on the back to light up night shots, but the selfie camera is a single 5 MP sensor with a single LED flash. This phone won’t shoot 4k or 1080p at 60fps

You shouldn’t expect remarkable performance from the cameras in photography or videography. If you need a phone that takes pictures good enough for Instagram, you’ll need to pump up your budget slightly.

RAM/Internal Storage

Unlike the Tecno Pop 6 Go, the regular version of the Pop 6 has a single model with 32GB storage and 2GB RAM. While it sounds mediocre for 2022, it’s all you need to run Android 11 Go, which is the operating system that comes with the phone. If you need more storage for media, you can expand your storage using the micro SD card slot.

Water Resistance

Despite scoring high on most of the categories in this guide, water resistance is one area where we don’t expect it to do very well. The Tecno Pop 6 Go unsurprisingly has no ingress protection rating, making the smartphone susceptible to water and dust damage.


Despite only being a budget device, the Tecno Pop 6 supports two unlock modes: face and fingerprint verification. However, the fingerprint unlock is the only secure unlock mode, as the “Face ID” only takes a picture of your face and compares it with anyone trying to unlock your device.

In short, a picture of your face will unlock your Tecno Pop 6 locked with Face ID, but the fingerprint sensor is virtually incorruptible. The phone also features an accelerometer and a proximity sensor to drive its most crucial features.

Operating System

Like the Tecno Pop 6 Go, the Tecno Pop 6 runs on HiOS, built on top of Android 11 Go, a lightweight version of the Android operating system for low-power devices. The concept of Android ‘Go’ shouldn’t be strange to anyone familiar with the Nigerian used phones market, as it’s almost all that’s available.

Android Go phones typically come with 1GB or 2GB of RAM, low internal storage, a weak processor, or lightweight apps. Instead of full-sized apps like Photos, YouTube, and Google, you get Gallery Go, YouTube Go, and Google Go with Android 11 Go.

Watch Tecno Pop 6 Review

Tecno Pop 6 – user opinions and reviews

I intend to buy Techno POP 6 but I want to know if I can get a better phone at a cheaper price than techno pop 6. Thank you. @oyebamijisulaimanabimbola3597

I have already purchased the phone and its good and also its very smooth but the problem comes when i play games such as pubg it lags alot @multikenyan5691

I really love this pop series, though I prefer pop 5 pro to this pop 6. But let’s wait and see what tecno will come up with in pop 6 pro @edecyprian2809

The pop series is a very strong phone. I have gotten the Pop 5P for a family member earlier this year and she is still enjoying the phone. – @joshua.n.o8439

Frequently Asked Questions About Tecno Pop 6

Is it available in Nigeria?

Yes, the Tecno Pop 6 is available in Nigeria.

What is the battery life like?

The battery life of the Tecno Pop 6 is average. It has a 4000mAh battery which can last for a day or two on moderate use.

What is the camera quality?

The camera quality of the Tecno Pop 6 is not great. It has a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. The photos taken with the rear camera are grainy and the colors are not very accurate. The front camera is better for taking selfies, but the quality is still not very good.

How much RAM and ROM does it contain?

The Tecno Pop 6 has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM.

What is the processing power and performance?

The processing power of the Tecno Pop 6 is average. It is powered by a MediaTek Helio A22 processor which is enough for basic tasks but may not be very powerful for demanding tasks.

Is the screen high-quality?

The screen of the Tecno Pop 6 is not high-quality. It has a 6.5-inch HD+ display with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels. The screen is not very sharp and the colors are not very vibrant.

Is it fast Charging?

The Tecno Pop 6 does not support fast charging. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

Does it support the apps I use?

The Tecno Pop 6 supports most of the popular apps. However, it may not be able to run the most demanding apps smoothly.

Is it compatible with the latest software updates?

The Tecno Pop 6 is compatible with the latest software updates. It runs on Android 11 (Go edition).

What is the build quality and design?

The build quality and design of the Tecno Pop 6 are average. It is made of plastic and feels a bit cheap. However, it is durable and should withstand everyday use.

What is the price and value for money?

The price of the Tecno Pop 6 in Nigeria is around ₦53,586 – ₦65,000. Considering its specifications, it is a good value for money phone for basic task


The Tecno Pop 6 is undoubtedly a better device than the Tecno Pop 6 Go and the specs above bear witness to that. With a better screen, more RAM, and a bigger battery, it’s all you need in a device that’s unable to play games anyway.


If you think there’s been a mistake here, please do let us know by commenting on this post or Contact Us. And a member of our Content Integrity Team will review this decision with you.

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