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Samsung Galaxy A23 5G

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Price in Nigeria

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When speaking of smartphones that give users the luxury of space to save their files, you would make no mistake mentioning Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. Moreover, the internal storage is ample, and the RAM size enables the user to download files of different formats without itches. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G is one of the newest devices developed by the Samsung family. The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G price in Nigeria has brought controversy for some time because many have felt it is not worth it. To this end, this article discusses the price of the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G and other essential details you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G.

Price ₦220,000 – ₦250,000
Display6.6-inch FHD+ (2408 x 1080) Infinity-V Display
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G
Storage64GB, 128GB
Expandable storagemicroSDXC up to 1TB
Rear cameras50MP main, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP macro, 2MP depth
Front camera8MP
Operating systemAndroid 12
Dimensions76.9 x 165.4 x 8.4 mm
Weight195 g

How much is the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G price in Nigeria, and where can you buy it?

Checkout the cost of Samsung Galaxy A23 5G from different E-commerce stores in Nigeria

Cost of Samsung Galaxy A23 5G in Nigeria

Jumia is one of Nigeria’s leading online stores. However, when you see a product there that you can afford, you hurriedly order it. But you have nothing to lose when discussing the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G price in Nigeria. The phone is worth the price. Moreover, depending on the storage space, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G comes in different models.

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 64GB 4GB RAM₦170,000 – ₦190,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 4GB RAM₦180,000 – ₦200,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 6GB RAM₦200,000 – ₦230,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 8GB RAM₦150,000 – ₦153,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 64GB 6GB RAM₦110,000 – ₦120,000

Cost of Samsung Galaxy A23 5G in Konga

When talking about online shops for gadgets, computers, and accessories, there’s no looking past Konga. They have an excellent rating in terms of customer service. Enough of the chatter; the Samsung Galaxy A23 price in Nigeria is one thing that has been on the mind of gadget users for some time now since its release. However, here are the price ranges:

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 64GB 4GB RAM₦121,000 – ₦ 198,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 4GB RAM₦170,000 – ₦200,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 6GB RAM₦168,000 – ₦188,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 8GB RAM₦112,000 – ₦123,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 64GB 6GB RAM₦140,000 – ₦150,000

Cost of Samsung Galaxy A23 5G on Slot

The Slot is an e-commerce store popularly known as the smartphone’s top internet and non-internet home. However, Slot has built a reputable brand that has been trustworthy over the years. However, here are the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G prices in Nigeria as extracted from the Slot website:

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 64GB 4GB RAM₦148,000 – ₦153,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 4GB RAM₦168,000 – ₦180,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 6GB RAM₦110,000 – ₦180,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 128GB 8GB RAM₦190,000 – ₦210,000
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G 64GB 6GB RAM₦220,000 – ₦250,000

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Specifications


The display of a phone is one of the selling points of a device. With the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, you get a screen resolution of 1080× 2408 px. Also, the light radiation is of a high standard; by measurement, it is about 6.60° PLS Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). With a refresh rate of 120Hz, you get a fluid display enabling you to play games and enjoyably watch movies. Without a doubt, Samsung took its time preparing and producing the new Samsung A23 5G.


How do you feel when your photos aren’t bright when you take one? Your thought is as good as mine. The camera has been one of the impressive things with the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G. 


Capturing or recording a video takes a rear shot at an incredible 1080@30fps. Also, it has a broad (main) shot at 50MP.

Also, the camera’s depth and macro picture are ones to look out for. They both have an array of ranging shots and angles. Yes, for example, the depth is 2 MP, and the macro is 2MP. This means you can zoom your camera as close as possible without the device lagging or cracking.

Internal Storage

Many users get scared when saving huge files and downloading games and movies. They are primarily frightened because of the storage system of their phone. They want to avoid a situation where their phone tells them, “Internal Storage Running Out”. How does the Samsung Galaxy A23 tackle that?

The new Samsung Galaxy A23 5G got you covered. Yes, with this device, you can save all you want without worrying. The phone comes in different models, such as the 64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 6GB RAM, 128GB 8GB RAM, 64GB 6GB RAM, and 128GB 4GB RAM. The different size comes with a micro SD card slot space to save your external files without any trouble.


Unlike some of its competitors, it is a known fact that Samsung batteries are made from 25W wired input which is of high quality. This makes running out of your battery in a few hours impossible.

The 5000 mAh battery is always there and can last for 48- 72 hours with moderate use. Yes, you can play games online with friends, talk with your friends online, download files for your service, save movies for enjoyment, and help you complete your assignment.


A phone’s sensors are the parts of the phone that the chip can feel, like distance, light, temperature, brightness, and pressure. Although, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G has been controversial because of its proximity sensing. It cannot sense the nearness to some sense organs like the ear and other parts. However, the fingerprint sensor has always been there and works very well. It is located on the side of the phone.

Watch Samsung Galaxy A23 5G Review

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G – user opinions and reviews

Got my A23 5G in September. It’s a good upgrade from my old phone. The battery life and 120hz are my favorite features – Planet Minecraft

Samsung is slowly making their budget phones have less face value; specs/hardware being lower than its competitors. Probably because a huge portion of what we’re paying for is going to software. This may be a strategy of theirs to encourage us to pay more. But to be fair, Samsung phones seem to stay good or even better after a few years because of software support. – Jan Cruz

I have the 8gig variant and there’s no slowdown like youve mentioned and its really fast especially opening apps.gaming wise, this a23 5g is way better than the exynous 1280 of the a33. – JM D

I purchased my Z Fold 2 last week. Used it for 7 days and just mailed it back to Verizon. No problem with the phone, I just found it hard to use as my daily driver. I continually accidently activated the unlock button. Cases are currently unavailable to help protect a $2000 phone. I was terrified to carry it outside the house. I also have a Note 20 Ultra and just feel it’s the better of the two for daily use. Also the lack of expandable storage turned out the be a hinder, but I knew that going in. I think it’s an awesome device but I’ll stick with the Note 20 for the time bbeing. – Steve W.

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Galaxy A23 5G

Is it available in Nigeria?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G is available in Nigeria.

What is the battery life like?

The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G has a battery life rated at up to 19 hours of video playback. It offers a good battery life for a budget phone and should last a full day of use on a single charge.

What is the camera quality?

The camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G is decent for its price range. It boasts a 50 megapixel main camera and is complemented by an ultrawide camera, a macro camera, and a depth sensor. While it can capture quality photos in well-lit conditions, its performance might decrease in low light scenarios.

How much RAM and ROM does it contain?

The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G offers various memory configurations: 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB of RAM and 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of ROM.

What is the processing power and performance?

The device is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor, which is a mid-range chipset capable of handling most tasks without issues.

Is the screen high-quality?

The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G has a 6.6-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The display is vibrant and clear with good viewing angles.

Is it fast Charging?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G supports 25W fast charging, allowing for a rapid battery refill.

Is it compatible with the latest software updates?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G is updated with the latest software, ensuring it remains secure and up-to-date.

Does it support the apps I use?

The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G supports most popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What is the build quality and design?

For a budget device, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G offers commendable build quality. Made primarily of plastic, the phone feels sturdy and well-made. It has a simple yet stylish design.

What is the price and value for money?

Starting at approximately ₦220,000 – ₦250,000 in Nigeria, the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G offers good value, especially considering it supports 5G connectivity at this price point.


When talking about the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G price in Nigeria, I bet you have gotten all the information regarding the new device Samsung just released. However, considering all these facts regarding the phone, what stops you from getting one? Place that order now!


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