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Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung Galaxy A10
Samsung Galaxy A10 Price In Nigeria

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When looking at smartphones, it is hard to get your eyes off Samsung products because of their attractiveness and durability. Of course, Samsung has been the leading brand in releasing a nice phone. Today, we look at one of their products, the Samsung a10. Samsung A10 is part of the series released in 2019. Samsung A10 is user-friendly; it has a perfect storage system and can be used for capturing your best moment. However, this article focuses on the Samsung A10 price in Nigeria and how to get it. Let’s get into it already!

Price₦39,000 to ₦46,000
Display6.2 inches, 720 x 1520 pixels, Infinity-V display
ProcessorExynos 7884
Storage32GB, expandable up to 512GB with microSD card
Rear camera13MP, f/1.9, 28mm (wide), AF
Front camera5MP, f/2.2, 25mm (wide)
Operating systemAndroid 11, One UI 3.1
Dimensions156.9 x 75.8 x 7.9 mm

How much is the Samsung Galaxy A10 price in Nigeria, and how can you get it:

Checkout the prices of Samsung Galaxy A10 from different E-commerce stores in Nigeria:

Cost of Samsung Galaxy A10 on Jumia

Jumia has, over time, proven to be Nigeria’s number 1 store when it comes to shopping online. The platform is good as it helps you get gadgets at pocket-friendly prices. However, you can get more facts when you visit the webpage of Jumia. As regards the Samsung A10 price in Nigeria, the phone is one of Nigeria’s most sought-after. Let’s find out how much is the Samsung A10 price in Nigeria.

Samsung A10 32 GBN40,000 – N46,000

Cost of Samsung Galaxy A10 on Jiji

Jiji is arguably one of the biggest platforms to get gadgets, especially mobile phones. The online store boast of being one the most user-friendly site in Nigeria. Trading and exchanging of funds is made possible through the avenue Jiji provides. You can meet potential sellers of devices live and debate the prices with them. Of course, you can find Samsung A10 there on the Jiji platform. For the Samsung A10 price in Nigeria, it is very convenient, as we see the details of it below:

Specifications Price
Samsung A10 32 GBN42,000 – N46,000

Cost of Samsung Galaxy A10 on Slot

A slot, undoubtedly, has been a one-stop shop for Nigerians to get their new gadgets, especially during the festive season. However, you may not get the product directly delivered to your doorstep. As long as you pay online, you can visit any platform to get your phones once you pay for the gadgets online. You can find the Samsung A10 price in Nigeria on the platform. Below is the price range of the device:

Samsung A10 32 GB₦39,000 to ₦46,000

Note: All prices are always susceptible to changes due to the dollar-naira exchange rate. However, we will try to revert this article to be relevant occasionally.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Specifications

Let’s take a look at the top features of the Samsung A10:



When it comes to display and lighting, Samsung doesn’t disappoint. This is true because the Samsung A10 has a screen with 720×1520 pixels which are comfortable for streaming football matches and viewing games and movies. So, if you want to have the best graphics and a cinematic view simultaneously, you know that the Samsung A10 is the device to go for.


Pictures are what help in keeping memories. Samsung knows this and, over the years, has always come up with a quality camera resolution for each of their product. Although there are no dual cameras on this phone, you are guaranteed to have the best when it comes to sharpness and brightness. This is because, at the rare, there’s a 13 MP camera attached and also a flash to support the Samsung A10. The same can be said of the front camera as it is made with 5 MP capacity and has a flash, too, for support.


Although in Nigeria, the highest broadband network is 5G, it is still of note that Samsung A10 still sticks with the 4G, and regardless, it is still one of the best for connectivity. For the SIM ports, there are two SIM ports built in it to give you options to choose from.

With its excellent connectivity, you can use the Samsung A10 to download files, music, games, and movies of different sizes at uninterrupted network failure.


Regarding the battery, Samsung A10 boasts one of the most durable batteries in recent years. Samsung A10 has a 3400 mAh battery which is far better than its contemporaries when modern production is concerned.

Although, as we all know, the longer the phones display light, the more the battery drains. In line with this, the battery of the Samsung A10 only consumes 15 per 60 minutes of the display. You can also minimize some applications when not in use to boost the battery life.


The Samsung A10 has an internal storage capacity of 32 GB, which can be expandable by adding an SD card. The SD card that should be added should be, at most, 512 GB. The Samsung A10 can handle many files simultaneously, even when trying to multitask is very easy. Unlike other Android devices, Samsung is one of the best in town for multitasking.


Of course, regarding pocket-friendly prices, Samsung cannot be left out. They’ve been commended in recent years for the price of their products. The Samsung A10 is a phone which can serve a person for a long time despite its small size, so you don’t need to fear if you break your bank to have it.

Watch Samsung Galaxy A10 Review

Samsung Galaxy A10 – user opinions and reviews

My cracked, slow a10 is 3 years old i literally bought it since it came out and still works wellAnd to proove it really works i am using it right now!. – N I G H T S U N

I still use his phone to this day and I agree. It’s not awesome. I’m going to be upgrading in a couple months. My a10 still works perfectly fine 🙂 but I do want to upgrade as I would like 120 hz and amoled, also an upgraded camera. Do you have any recommendations for a awesome phone under 700 usd. – nzcooperclan

I have a samsung just what you can see in the movie. It happened to me in April this year, and I am really happy with it, there is only one drawback of this phone, it just doesn’t hold the battery, it charges poorly. I would highly recommend. Greetings. – Krzych

This phone lasted me 3 and half years which’s very good however the last year it started to get slow .. but I still love it and now after getting new phone I just realise how good the camera of this phone was. – Yumna Hiary

I’m using the A10 to this day,it’s laggy,can’t believe how it managed to last for 3 years already,getting a huge upgrade in a few months. – cyrinyx

It’s a decent phone I was able to use it for about 3 years before it started going bad, not the best but also not the most expensive, though going from this phone to the iPhone 14 has been pretty nnice – bumby

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Galaxy A10

Is it available in Nigeria? 

Is it available in Nigeria? Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A10 is available in Nigeria. It is currently priced at ₦39,000 to ₦46,000.

What is the battery life like? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 has a 3400 mAh battery, which is considered to be average for a budget phone. The battery life will vary depending on your usage, but you can expect to get around 10 hours of screen-on time on a single charge.

What is the camera quality? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 has a single 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. The rear camera is decent for taking photos in good lighting conditions, but it struggles in low light. The front camera is good for taking selfies and video calls.

How much RAM and ROM does it contain? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 comes in two variants: 32GB 2GB RAM and 32GB 4GB RAM. The 2GB RAM variant is sufficient for basic tasks like browsing the web, checking emails, and using social media. The 4GB RAM variant is better for multitasking and gaming.

What is the processing power and performance? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is powered by the Exynos 7884 octa-core processor. The processor is decent for a budget phone, but it can struggle with demanding tasks like gaming and video editing.

Is the screen high-quality? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 has a 6.2-inch HD+ display. The display is sharp and bright, but it is not as vibrant as some of the more expensive phones on the market.

Is it fast Charging? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 does not support fast charging. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

Does it support the apps I use? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 supports most of the popular apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It also supports Google Play Store, so you can download any app that you want.

Is it compatible with the latest software updates? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is compatible with the latest software updates. It is currently running Android 10, and it is expected to receive Android 11 in the future.

What is the build quality and design? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 has a plastic body with a glass front. The build quality is decent for a budget phone. The design is simple and elegant.

What is the price and value for money? 

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is priced at ₦39,000 to ₦46,000. It is a good value for money phone, especially if you are looking for a basic phone with a long battery life.


The Samsung A10, if used correctly, can last for a long time in the hands of the user. The features in the device indicate that. Having known the Samsung A10 price in Nigeria, it is left for you to decide if you would go for it or not.


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