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Infinix Zero X Pro

Infinix Zero X Pro
Infinix Zero X Pro Price In Nigeria

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The Infinix Zero X Pro, apart from having a sexy name, is also one of the company’s top-end smartphones for the Nigerian market. Looking at the smartphone industry in general, it only qualifies as a midrange device at best. However, the average Nigerian isn’t looking to spend several hundred thousand nairas for a “Pro” device.


For half or a third of the price of a Samsung flagship device, Infinix offers a premium smartphone in the Infinix Zero X Pro. With a beautiful gigantic display, high-resolution cameras, and a capable processor, you get a device with the look and feel of a premium Android flagship.

This article will analyze the device’s value concerning its price. While it’s a relatively expensive device on the Nigerian market, the specs in the second half of this article will help you decide if it’s worth the price.

Price₦180,000 – ₦230,000
Display6.67-inch AMOLED display with 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution and 120Hz refresh rate
ProcessorMediaTek Helio G95 octa-core processor
Rear cameras108MP main camera, 8MP periscope telephoto camera, 8MP ultrawide camera
Front camera16MP
Battery4500mAh battery with 33W fast charging
Operating systemAndroid 11

What’s the Infinix Zero X Pro Price in Nigeria?

Being a recent Infinix phone, the Zero X Pro is available on Jumia, Konga, Jiji, and most other e-commerce stores within Nigeria and beyond. Here’s how much you may have to pay for the phone based on where you buy it.

Infinix Zero X Pro Price on Jumia

Being one of Infinix’s latest and greatest, the Infinix Zero X Pro is one of the few devices in stock with Jumia. You may want to get the Jumia Protect warranty with it, as it’s a pretty expensive phone.

Infinix Zero X Pro 128 GB₦200,000
Infinix Zero X Pro 256 GB₦230,000

Infinix Zero X Pro Price on Jiji

Jiji has used versions of the Infinix Zero X Pro. So, you can get cheaper devices on the classified site. Here are the typical prices of the phone in Jiji.

Infinix Zero X Pro 128 GB₦180,000
Infinix Zero X Pro 256 GB₦120,000

Infinix Zero X Pro Price on Konga

Infinix Zero X Pro 128 GBUnavailable
Infinix Zero X Pro 256 GB₦180,000

Infinix Zero X Pro Specifications

Checkout some of the special features:



The Infinix Zero X Pro’s display is the most adorable I’ve ever seen on an Infinix. It’s one of the brand’s first forays into using an AMOLED display. With a 120 Hz AMOLED panel with a 1080×2400 resolution, the Zero X Pro’s display doesn’t only look good, but it is objectively fantastic.

The screen measured 6.67 inches across, which is about average compared to other high-end Infinix devices. The highlight of the display is not the size or the resolution but the fact that it’s an AMOLED panel, as it opens new possibilities.


The Infinix Zero X Pro uses a Mediatek Helio G95, the most powerful chip Infinix included in any smartphone from 2021, and it’s performant enough for the average user. If you understand MediaTek’s naming conventions, you should know the ‘G’ before the 95 represents gaming, suggesting the processor is a solid chip for gaming.

Apart from its gaming performance, the G95 excels in many other aspects, including camera performance and battery life, two features I’ll explain in detail below.


Infinix typically includes a 5000 mAh battery in its smartphones, regardless of their budget class, but that changed with the Infinix Hot Zero X Pro. Instead, the device uses a 4500 mAh battery, similar to the capacity you’ll find in devices from brands like Samsung. Thankfully, the efficient  Helio G95 chip makes the downgrade insignificant, as you get all-day battery life anyway.


The Infinix Hot Zero X Pro is one of the few devices from the company with a triple camera setup where two of them aren’t absolute garbage. This phone has three cameras on the back: a 108 MP primary camera, an 8 MP ultrawide, and another 8 MP periscope telephoto camera.

The phone features a single 16 MP selfie camera to complete the setup. While the massive megapixel counts are impressive, the best aspect of the Infinix Hot Xero X Pro’s cameras is that you can shoot 4k at 60fps on the back and 30fps on the selfie cameras.

RAM/Internal Storage

The Infinix Zero X Pro features 8GB of RAM across the board but is available in two storage variants: 128GB and 256GB. Unlike some high-end Infinix devices, the Infinix Zero X Pro locks no features in the 256GB variant, so feel free to buy the 128GB variant and add another 128GB SD card if the price increase seems unfair.


Several years later, Infinix still has no IP rating for water or dust resistance, even on their higher-end devices, which is a bummer. If you’d love to have your Zero X Pro for a while, you better avoid exposing it to any water body.

Operating System

The Infinix Zero X Pro ships with Android 11. Its excellent processor and sufficient RAM afford it enough power to run the OS nearly flawlessly, but there’s a catch: you can’t upgrade the OS. Infinix is notorious for not providing updates for its devices, and the Zero X Pro is no exception.


This device is one of Infinix’s first and only phones with an under-display optical fingerprint sensor, and it works quickly and reliably. You can use it to unlock the phone, lock apps, and approve payments on your bank apps.


The Infinix Zero X Pro is a pretty expensive device, making it a hard sell, as there are arguably better options at that price point. At over ₦200,000, used iPhones and flagship Samsung phones come into the picture, making it challenging to settle for a mere Infinix. If you can recognize the value, the phone is worth the price.

Watch Infinix Zero X Pro Review

Infinix Zero X Pro – user opinions and reviews

I feel that Infinix should have focused on a better chipset then a periscope camera but it’s a step in the right direction for infinix, little by little they’re improving and kudos to them – @apkhacks7264

I haven’t used an Infinix in quite a while mostly cause some of their best phones don’t usually reach my country, and I also started feeling like they were mostly following trends and adding the latest features, but the processors weren’t strong enough to keep up, but since the Zero 8 they’ve been on my rader and now with the Zero X, both the base version and the pro are excellent devices, glad I caught your review and now onto your Instagram – @entitatem

Never heard of Infinix before now. I must say that this phone looks like a premium midrange phone. More than adequate camera, 120hz AMOLED, headphone jack, 45w fast charging brick in the box. What more could you ask for. Great job Infinix. – @champen22

This phone has a lovely in-built structure and hopefully it sales better than the previous infinix phones, am really happy with the fact that there’s news on android 12 for this device – @okekejeff1614

I like the fact that they opted for glass rear and that the hole punch is very minimal.The cameras are really okay.I’ll love to test the device out. – @juanloni6768

Frequently Asked Questions About Infinix Zero X Pro

Is it available in Nigeria?

Yes, the Infinix Zero X Pro is available in Nigeria.

What is the battery life like?

The battery life of the Infinix Zero X Pro is good, with a 5000mAh battery that can last up to 2 days on a single charge.

What is the camera quality?

The camera quality of the Infinix Zero X Pro is decent. It features a 108MP main camera that takes clear and detailed photos, complemented by an 8MP periscope telephoto camera and an 8MP ultrawide camera, although the latter might produce slightly softer images.

How much RAM and ROM does it contain?

The Infinix Zero X Pro comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM (storage).

Is the screen high-quality?

Yes, the screen is high-quality; it features a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring sharp, clear, and vibrant visuals.

What is the processing power and performance?

The phone has good processing power and performance, powered by the MediaTek Helio G95 processor, enabling it to handle most tasks efficiently without issues.

Is it fast charging?

Yes, the Infinix Zero X Pro supports fast charging. It is equipped with a 45W charger that can fully charge the phone in about an hour.

Does it support the apps I use?

Yes, the Infinix Zero X Pro should be able to support most of the apps you use, as it runs on Android 11 with XOS 7.6 on top.

Is it compatible with the latest software updates?

Yes, it is compatible with the latest software updates, and it is expected to receive Android 12 and future security updates.

What is the price and value for money?

The Infinix Zero X Pro is priced around ₦180,000 – ₦230,000 in Nigeria. Given its features and performance, it offers good value for money.

What is the build quality and design?

The build quality and design of the Infinix Zero X Pro are good; it has a plastic construction that still feels solid and sturdy, with a sleek and modern design.


The Infinix Zero X Pro is one of the most expensive devices from Infinix, and the specs show that it’s worth the price. While you can get it for much cheaper if you’re considering the used market, our prices above are the estimates for a new phone. If it’s below or above your budget, you can check out some of our buying guides for Infinix smartphones.


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