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Infinix Hot 11s NFC

Infinix Hot 11s NFC
Infinix Hot 11s NFC Price in Nigeria

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The Infinix Hot 11s NFC is one of the better smartphones from the Infinix brand in Nigeria, comfortably edging out most other phones the brand sells. The NFC prefix after the name denotes the presence of NFC in the device, which is a smooth naming convention.


Since the phone features excellent specs, it’s only natural that it comes with a jaw-dropping price, which is why this article exists in the first place. If you’re considering buying the Infinix Hot 11s NFC, this article will show you the best e-commerce stores to grab the phone in Nigeria and how much it costs to buy one in each store.

In addition, you’ll also learn some of the device’s tech specs to understand what you’re buying exactly. In short, here’s the ultimate buying guide for the Infinix Hot 11s NFC for the average Nigerian shopper.


What’s the Infinix Hot 11s NFC Price in Nigeria?

The Infinix Hot 11S is generally unavailable on Nigerian e-commerce sites like Jumia, Konga, and Jiji. Since the device is a special edition NFC phone, Infinix didn’t make several units, making it pretty rare.

When available, here’s how much you can get the Infinix Hot 11S NFC in Nigeria.

Infinix Hot 11s NFC Price on Jumia

The Infinix Hot 11s NFC is unavailable on Jumia and Konga for reasons best known to Infinix and Jumia/Konga. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and update you if anything changes.

Infinix Hot 11s NFC 4/64GBUnavailable
Infinix Hot 11s NFC 4/128 GBUnavailable
Infinix Hot 11s NFC 6/128 GBUnavailable

Infinix Hot 11s NFC Price on Konga

Infinix Hot 11s NFC 4/64GBUnavailable
Infinix Hot 11s NFC 4/128 GBUnavailable
Infinix Hot 11s NFC 6/128 GBUnavailable

Infinix Hot 11s NFC Price on Jiji

Since Jiji stocks used and renewed devices, it’s your only chance of getting the 11S NFC today in Nigeria. However, it only has the 4GB/128GB variant available, which is a bummer. Here’s the price in Nigeria.

Infinix Hot 11s NFC 4/64GBUnavailable
Infinix Hot 11s NFC 4/128 GBN78,000
Infinix Hot 11s NFC 6/128 GBUnavailable

Infinix Hot 11s NFC Specifications


The display on the Hot 11s NFC is the first part of the device that sets it apart from other Infinix devices, as the phone uses an unbelievable 6.78 inches display with a resolution of 1080×2460. With a 90 Hz refresh rate, it looks more fluid than most screens you’ll see from Infinix, and the 500 nits peak brightness is brighter than the brand’s regular offerings.

On the flip side, Infinix retains an IPS LCD that’s outdated at this point. With OLED and AMOLED displays being all the rage, we’d have loved to see something slightly better from It Infinix.


The Hot 11s NFC uses an octa-core Helio G88 chip from Mediatek that runs circles around most processors the company includes in any of its devices. The device maintains stellar performance with competitive battery life, thanks to two performance cores running at 2 GHz each and six efficiency cores with a max clock speed of 1.8 GHz.

The Mali G52 processor is also good enough to run basic Android games at impressive frame rates despite Infinix Hot 11s NFC’s high-resolution display, making the device usable for gaming. Compared to competing Samsung and Apple smartphones, the Helio G88 is a slow chip.


Sometimes, you wonder if it’s even possible for Infinix to include a battery that’s not 5000 mAh in any of its devices, as every Infinix smartphone I know has a 5000 mAh cell, including the Hot 11s. Thankfully, 5000 mAh is not disappointing in a phone, especially when it’s one with a chip featuring six efficiency cores. If you’re hoping to game for hours without a break, ensure there’s a charger nearby.


The Infinix Hot 11s NFC has a triple camera setup, but unlike the pro iPhones, most sensors on the phone are useless. The 50 MP primary camera with an f/1.6 aperture does most of the work on the Infinix, and it’s only helped by the 2 MP depth camera when it’s time to take portrait shots. It also features a useless QVGA camera.

On the front, there’s a single 8 MP camera for selfies and video calls across different apps. Disappointingly, the Infinix Hot 11s NFC can only take 1440p video at 30fps maximum on both the front and rear cameras.

RAM/Internal Storage

Being one of Infinix’s higher-end devices, the Hot 11s NFC comes in different RAM and storage configurations, which are all great for the average buyer of a high-end Infinix. The 4GB RAM model of the device comes in 64 and 128GB storage variants, while the 6 GB RAM model only comes in 128 GB. The 128GB model is the better choice if budget isn’t a constraint, t.


Despite being marketed as a high-end device, we wouldn’t recommend letting your Infinix Hot 11s come in contact with water, as the device has no IP rating. The lack of an IP rating only suggests that Infinix didn’t consider water resistance during the Hot 11s NFC’s development; drop the phone in water, and it’s a goner.

Operating System

The Hot 11s NFC ships with Android 11, and Infinix isn’t planning to bring Android 12 or 13 to the device. If you’d prefer a device that can update to the latest versions of Android, saving up to buy a Samsung or Xiaomi device would be a better idea.


The Infinix Hot 11S NFC is an amazing device, but that “amazement” comes at a price if you can find it in the first place. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find enough listings for the device, as Infinix doesn’t manufacture too many units for some reason. If you’re after the non-NFC version of the Hot 11.

Watch Infinix Hot 11s NFC Review


The most significant barrier to getting this device is not the Infinix Hot 11S NFC price in Nigeria but how rare it is on Nigerian e-commerce sites. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, it’s undoubtedly one of the best Android devices you can get for the money.


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